As we come to the end term we are often approached by parents asking if their is any benefit to continuing into next term.
Our answer is always, most definitely. We do, intentionally, plan lots of repetition into our session. Babies and toddlers thrive when they feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings, and when things happen in a predictable way.
For this reason we see amazing progression in our little ones who come back term after term. Each time they revisit a theme it is incredible to see how much they have grown in their play; observing and interacting in a more advanced way than before. 
We completely understand that sometimes us mums and dads feel like a change, and if that’s you then go for it. But if you’re wondering if your little one will benefit from carrying on with Messy Monsters then we say- absolutely 😊

Our Tuesday Outdoor Session


We really love our outdoor session every Tuesday morning. It's so great to be outside in the fresh air, especially when the sun is shining!


This week is our Tropical Paradise theme.


We explored lots of yummy fruits, multi-coloured tropical rice, bright coloured paints & even had a dress up box!


Without any hesitation Bran & Dean got stuck into some painting! Bran enjoyed covering himself with paint, and Dean kept painting Freya's hand!


Everly spent some time near the water and decided to have a taste of the citrus fruit!


Millie was also intrigued by the lemons and enjoyed playing in the sand today.


The boys enjoyed making patterns in the tropical coloured rice. 


Another lovely session and we are already looking forward to next week!