Frequently Asked Questions...


Do you offer casual sessions? 

Our sessions are most beneficial as part of a regular and ongoing group so we don't offer casual attendance. Bookings are for the whole of term or the remaining weeks of each term depending on availability.

If you prefer to try out our classes before committing to a term, consider joining us for a  week taster trial for $50 per child.  Use voucher code 'taster'.


How do I pay?

You can pay securely online through Stripe. We also accept direct bank transfers or PayPal.  

Payment plans are available on request.


Can I bring along an older sibling?

We cannot accept children older than 5 years, however younger siblings are welcome to come along! 


Is there a charge for siblings?

There is no charge for young babies however once they begin engaging with the sessions and participating there will be a charge, although this is discounted from the full price. Use voucher code 'sibling' when booked to receive 50% off for the second child. 


Do you offer make up sessions?

Once you have booked and made payment for a term, there is strictly no refunds. Subject to availability, we will provide make up classes for missed sessions where 24 hours notice has been given.


What happens if a session is cancelled?

In the unlikely event that a session is cancelled by Messy Monsters due to illness or weather, we will offer an extra session or credit towards the following term.


Can I start once the term has commenced? 

As long as there is space in your desired session. The cost will be adjusted according to the number of weeks remaining. 


Can I get a refund once term has begun?

We do understand that plans change last minute but due to the structure of our classes we cannot refund any part of your payment once term has begun.  We may be able to offer a refund prior to term beginning but this is at our absolute discretion.


How messy will my child get?

That depends on the child and the activities that week. There is always a mixture of messy and non-messy activities. As the activities are based upon free play, it will depend on what your child is drawn to. 


Are the activities safe to eat?

We understand that little ones explore with their mouths so we try to make as much as possible 'taste safe' with edible ingredients and no nasties. However, we do not encourage children to consume the products.


What's in the 'stuff'?

If you need to know for allergy related reasons we will gladly share any potentially harmful ingredients, but if you do not need to know then please keep the magic alive!


What if my child has allergies?

Our products are prepared in our own home kitchens and therefore we cannot guarantee that there aren't any allergens present. Please use your own discretion as to the level of risk this poses to your child and seek medical advice prior to coming along if you are unsure.


What should adults wear to the session?

Something that you don't mind getting messy! You can always bring along a change of clothes to change in to.


Suggested items to bring along:

Change of clothes for you and your little one

A towel


A snack and drink for the end of the session