Our exciting themes for Term 3


Week 1-Messy Monsters!!

Our signature theme!  Expect to get messy!


Week 2- Tropical Paradise

Sandy beaches, tropical fruits and maybe a few flamingos!


Week 3- Under the Sea

'Darling it;s better, down where its wetter, under the sea!!!' Lobster spaghetti, icy domes and fishy handprints.


Week 4- The Great Outdoors

Grab your gumboots and pull on your gardening gloves, we're going to be digging for worms and other creepy crawlies...


Week 5-Down on the farm

Expect to get messy! Play with the farm animals as they squelch through mud, then brush them clean in the water.


Week 6- Winter Wonderland

Icy North Pole, snowy mountains, penguins, polar bears and seals will all be joining us on our wintry adventure.


Week 7- Digging for Dinosaurs

Calling all budding archaeologists!  Use your brushes and see what is hiding under the sand.  Look for dinosaurs lurking in the swamp and see the dino eggs fizz as they hatch.


Week 8- Outer Space

5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... blast off!!  Moon sand, galaxy water and cosmic space dough will all be part of our space adventure.


Week 9- Treasure Island

Shiver me timbers!  Let's hope no-one walks the plank as we search for gold, silver and jewels on our treasure island.


Week 10- Messy Favourites!

Our last week of term will be a mixture of all of your favourite activities!  Will there be jelly? Bubbly water?  Spaghetti?  Who knows!












*Themes may be subject to change without notice